RDM Support: for software questions as well

To provide researchers with a more complete research consultancy service, research engineers will be joining our RDM Support front desk team from today onwards.

Do you want to know which technology is most suitable for your research? Do you need advice on making your software and data FAIR and open? Do you have questions on how to use Git or Github? Is your code running to slow on your laptop? On these and many other questions the research engineers of RDM Support will be happy to advise and assist you.

As always, our research data management consultants will continue to help you with questions such as: Can you review my Data Management Plan? What is the best way to store my data? Am I working with personal data? How do I write an informed consent form? How do I make my data FAIR? How can I publish my data? What is YODA? And many more data related questions!

The RDM consultancy team can advise you about:

  • FAIR software and data
  • Data repositories
  • Metadata
  • Data Management Plan
  • Handling personal data
  • Git
  • High Performance Computing
  • Machine learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data analysis
  • Python, R, Matlab
  • and much more

Please contact us via: info.rdm@uu.nl

Walk-in hours - every Monday

Would you like our help in person? Then come to the Walk-in hours that are held every Monday at the Living Lab (1.02), Utrecht Science Park (check the agenda here). We are there from 3 till 5 pm. See you there!