16 December 2013

Rathenau Institute report about climate engineering

Klimaatengineering: hype, hoop of wanhoop? Door Monique Riphagen Frans Brom

With the report 'Klimaatengineering: hype, hoop of wanhoop?' the Rathenau Institute wants to contribute to the political and societal debate about climate engineering in the Netherlands, in the context of the international discussion about climate change. One of the editors is Prof. Frans Brom (Endowed Professor of Ethics of Technology Assessment), among the authors are Prof. Marcus Düwell (Professor of Philosophical Ethics) and students Annemarie Bijloos and Vincent van Gooi.

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  • Title: Klimaatengineering: hype, hoop of wanhoop?
  • Authors: Monique Riphagen, Frans Brom (eds.)
  • ISBN: 978-90-77364-51-2
  • Publisher: 2013, Rathenau Instituut