30 January 2018

Rapid Response on the 2018 Olympics: Sport Diplomacy & Human Rights

What do the Olympics Games mean for relations between North and South Korea? And for human rights in PyeongChang? Join the Centre for Global Challenges on 8 February for a Rapid Response with North-Korea expert and journalist Casper van der Veen and human rights lawyer Daniela Heerdt for a behind-the-scenes perspective on the Olympics.   

The 2018 Olympics will be held this February in PyeongChang, South Korea. In recent weeks, we have seen a surprising rapprochement between North and South Korea, as high-placed officials from both regimes re-opened contact that had been stalled since 2015 and as both countries’ teams agreed to march at the opening ceremony behind a single flag. But what do these developments mean in the larger picture? Can such sport diplomacy overcome years of tensions? And what do these Olympic games mean for the human rights of the local communities living in PyeongChang? Will forced displacements, exploitation of migrant workers and other human rights violations accompany this mega-sporting event, as they have elsewhere?

Join us at 12:45 in the Sweelinckzaal at Drift 21 on February 8th for a lively (and timely) debate on the 2018 Olympics: Sport Diplomacy & Human Rights!

Feel free to bring your own lunch!