9 January 2018

Dynamics of Youth goes Brussels

Putting ‘Resilient Youth!’ on the European agenda

Dynamics of Youth starts off the new year with a new aspiration: strengthening Europe’s children and youth, by putting Resilient Youth! on the European agenda. Our ultimate goal is to get real answers and solutions to the many threats faced by our children and youth. And we can’t do this alone: For real impact we need scientists, organisations from various sectors and European youth to join forces. Can we count on your support?

Drie vriendinnen
Photo: Ed van Rijswijk

Beyond Horizon 2020

In Brussels, the next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation – the follow-up to Horizon 2020 - is now being shaped. Dynamics of Youth aims to define Resilient Youth as one of the key issue in this programme.

Why it pays to invest in Resilient Youth!

Our position paper explains in more detail why it pays to invest in Resilient Youth!. Its key messages are:

  • Resilient Youth! should be defined as a societal challenge or mission of the new Framework Programme 9 for Research and Innovation (FP9)
  • For real impact and useful contributions to a healthy, inclusive, and secure society for our children and future generations, we need an integrated and cross-sectoral approach
  • Solving societal challenges calls for evidence-based responses, interventions and prevention strategies to the many risks and threats faced by children and youth
  • Encourage child and youth participation in FP9-projects where appropriate

Express your support!

If your organisation shares the ambition to make Resilient Youth! a key issue on the European agenda, please let us know by sending an e-mail to our liaison officer Diederik van Iwaarden.

These organisations already support the Resilient Youth! position paper:

Dynamics of Youth

Dynamics of Youth is one of the four Strategic Themes of Utrecht University. Dynamics of Youth connects excellent child and youth research from all seven faculties, and looks for the answer to a crucial question for future generations: how can we help our children with their development into well-balanced individuals who can successfully hold their own in a rapidly changing environment?

Wat is Dynamics of Youth?
Elevator Pitch: What is Dynamics of Youth?