Provide your input for teacher development needs as a team

At the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning (CAT), we are continuously developing our teacher development offer. Many of the courses, training programmes, and workshops currently offered are aimed at individual teachers, but given the importance of collaboration in teaching, we are keen to explore the need for development on team collaboration.

Students of ‘Bestuurs- en Organisatiewetenschap’ have set up a questionnaire to collect data on this topic. We would like to ask you to fill in this questionnaire so that we can collect as much input as possible to improve our offer. It will take about 5 to 7 minutes to complete and can be done from Tuesday 4 to Thursday 6 June.

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In addition, several teacher development activities are already planned for the coming academic year. We offer all kinds of development opportunities, from courses to programmes, and from workshops to e-modules. Are you interested in developing yourself further as a teacher? Then please keep a close eye on the teacher development offer page for this autumn’s schedule.

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