26 November 2018

Professor Janneke Gerards is 'Best PhD Supervisor of the Year 2018'

Janneke Gerards beste promotor van Nederland

Janneke Gerards, Professor of Fundamental Rights at Utrecht University, has been elected Best PhD Supervisor of the Year 2018.  A jury of the Dutch 'Promovendi Netwerk Nederland' has awarded this prize to Professor Gerards on National PhD Day on Saturday 25 November.

Janneke Gerards was nominated for this award by all her current and former PhD students. The jury elected Gerards because of her enormous expertise and the very effective and personally involved way in which she guides her PhD candidates. "At the beginning of the PhD trajectory, she meets them on a weekly basis, discussing the progress of the dissertation, and later in the process, she keeps in touch regularly. She always responds very quickly to email and gives her PhD candidates detailed, positive feedback. Gerards stimulates autonomous and critical thinking of the PhD students on their subject.

Personal wellbeing

In addition, the jury weighed heavily in its judgement, that Gerards does a lot for 'her' candidates outside the PhD project and has an eye for their personal wellbeing. Gerards was pleasantly surprised with the award. For her, supervising PhD cadidates and seeing them grow in their academic development, is one of her favourite aspects of scientific work.

Promovendi Netwerk Nederland: the Dutch PhD Network

The Dutch Promovendi N​etwerk Nederland (PNN) awards the 'Best PhD Supervisor' every year. PNN is the national advocacy organisation for and by PhD candidates, affiliated with one of the fourteen Dutch universities, one of the eight University Medical Centers, or one of the five Research Institutes, such as the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and the National Library of the Netherlands. Among other things, the PNN advocates for the employment position and wellbeing of PhD candidates, promotes good guidance and tackles abuses and integrity issues that may arise around PhD programmes.