12 July 2016

Prof. Jaap Wagenaar receives ICAAC Program Committee Award

During ASM Microbe 2016, the annual symposium of the American Society for Microbiology, Prof. Jaap Wagenaar was presented with the ICAAC Program Committee Award. He received the award for his presentation: “The critical factors for a nationwide major reduction of antimicrobial use in animals in the Netherlands with a parallel reduction in antimicrobial resistance”.

In his presentation, Wagenaar explained the Dutch method for reducing the use of antibiotics in animals, and the role of the Autoriteit Diergeneesmiddelen SDa (Netherlands Veterinary Medicines Authority). Thanks to joint efforts by the Dutch government, livestock farmers, the KNMvD and the SDa, the use of antibiotics in the Netherlands dropped by around 65% between 2007 and 2015.

Wagenaar is a member of the SDa expert panel, connected to the NCOH, and is affiliated with Utrecht University, Wageningen UR and the WHO in his role as Professor of Clinical Infectiology.