Poster here, paper there

Photo: Maarten Mooijman

As a student, researcher or lecturer, you regularly have to make up a poster or paper. Do you do that well or are you bumbling? Do you want to represent your research in a visual way, but are not really sure how? Or do you still find it exciting to present something to a large group of people? Then sign up for one of the short courses in January.

Little time, little money

In just five weeks, you can take part in, for example, a Graphic Design course (designing flyers and posters or creating infographics) or a Presentation Coaching course. Check with your manager whether there is a small pot left over from the 2022 training budget. As an employee, you will in fact receive a 25% discount on the course price and as a student even 50%!

About Parnassos

Parnassos Cultuurcentrum is the cultural centre of Utrecht University, but other interested parties are also welcome.

For more information about Parnassos and all courses, please visit the site.