Postcolonial Transitions in Europe

Postcolonial Transitions in Europe

With their new book Postcolonial Transitions in Europe, Prof. Dr Sandra Ponzanesi (Gender Studies) and Gianmaria Colpani MA (Gender Studies) present a comparative and multidisciplinary exploration of Europe’s colonial past in relation to present multicultural, cosmopolitan and/or neocolonial experiences, assessing political, cultural and mediatized transitions.

clear boundaries?

Is the notion of postcolonial Europe an oxymoron? How do colonial pasts inform the emergence of new subjectivities and political frontiers in contemporary Europe? Postcolonial Transitions in Europe explores these questions from different theoretical, geopolitical and media perspectives. Drawing from the interdisciplinary tools of postcolonial critique, this book contests the idea that Europe developed within clear-cut geographical boundaries. It examines how experiences of colonialism and imperialism continue to be constitutive of the European space and of the very idea of Europe.

topical concerns

By approaching Europe as a complex political space, the chapters investigate topical concerns around its politics of inclusion and exclusion towards migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, as well as its take on internal conflicts, transitions and cosmopolitan imaginaries. The book contains a foreword by Prof. Dr Paul Gilroy (King's College London) and contributions by, among others, Dr Christine Quinan, Milica Trakilović MA, Dr Koen Leurs and Dr Eva Midden.


  • Title: Postcolonial Transitions in Europe (2015)
  • Editors: Sandra Ponzanesi & Gianmaria Colpani
  • Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
  • ISBN: 9781783484454