Philosopher Jeroen Hopster contributes to TV series Food for Thought

In the TV series Food for Thought philosophers and students go into discussion with each other. During the shoot of the TV series, the students and philosophers were joined by writer/philosopher drs Jeroen Hopster (Philosophy and Religious studies) who created the book Food for Thought: Wereldfilosofie aan de keukentafel, a philosophy-cookbook.

In the TV series Food for Thought, seven young people start a dialogue with seven philosophers. As food is simply the best way to connect with one another, they cook and eat together while reflecting on crucial life questions. By bringing philosophy into the kitchen we put theory into practice: we taste and chew on new ideas, apply different concepts, and inspire each other.

The seven philosophers are expert thinkers in various global traditions of thought. Together they explore these different frameworks to find solutions for our most pressing issues. Living in an extremely complex world we need to find the best ways to deal with our ever-changing realities. How do we navigate this uncertain world? What can we do to change the state of it? And where to even begin looking for answers?

The Book

In Food for Thought: Wereldfilosofie aan de keukentafel each chapter of the book focuses on one philosophical perspective that helps us find answers to crucial life questions: timeless questions that we can endlessly ruminate on, but that are more pressing than ever.

The book presents the insights gained from our conversations, reflections, and cooking in a very accessible way. It is printed in a compact and colorful edition which is fully illustrated. It also includes all the recipes of the dinners prepared throughout the TV Series.

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