6 March 2017

PhD study about causes and consequences of the popularity of girls and women practicing football


Nowadays, practicing football is popular among girls and women. Since March 1 2017, Rutger de Kwaasteniet is appointed as PhD candidate at the Utrecht University School of Governance (USG / USBO). Under supervision of Prof. Dr. Maarten van Bottenburg (USG / USBO) and Dr. Laura Jonker (Royal Dutch Football Association; KNVB), his PhD study focuses on two main topics.

PhD topics

The first topic is about how the development and diffusion of practicing football by girls and women in the Netherlands, did occur and can be explained in the light of societal developments and (inter)national developments in sports participation. The second topic is about what consequences the contemporary popularity of women football have for the governance of, and organizational practices within voluntary organized football clubs.

Funding by KNVB

The described PhD study is unique because it’s co funded by the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB). Particular knowledge that the KNVB likes to collect, has been leading in the formulation of the topics that the PhD study focuses on. Insights that derive from the PhD study, are relevant for the KNVB and voluntary organized football clubs in relation to the governance and organization of football for girls and women.

Focus area Sport & Society

The PhD study has relevance for the focus area Sport & Society. One of the research lines within the focus area of Sport & Society, focusses on the meaning of sport in relation to inclusion in society. Traditionally seen, girls and women are underrepresented in football. The PhD study provides insight in how inclusion and exclusion of girls and women are reflected in voluntary organized football clubs, and what consequences those phenomena have for the governance of, and organizational processes within voluntary organized football clubs.

Alongside his PhD study, Rutger works one day a week for USG Consultancy. Questions about his PhD study can be directed to: r.c.p.dekwaasteniet@uu.nl.