24 July 2018

Department Day, June 22 2018

Pharmaceutical Sciences hands out awards

Photo by Bas van Breukelen

On Friday 22 June 2018, awards were handed out at the department of pharmaceutical sciences.

BKO awards for Mirjam Hempenius, Ton van Heugten, Everaldo Redout, Yvonne Tak and Aynur Aydinli-Taspinar.

SKO awards for Ewoudt van de Garde, Renske van Gestel, Anneke van Houwelingen and Liesbeth Bijlsma.

The pharmacy-game was chosen as best course (in the picture we see Lenneke Minjon) and Liesbeth Bijlsma was chosen best teacher by our students.

Stamatia Rontogianni, Jack Li, Suzanne Abbring, Lucia Martinez-Jothar (winner) and Lourens Bloem battled for the best PhD presentation, of only seven minutes.

The award for best PhD publication of 2017 was for Jan-Jaap Verhoef. The five articles on the short list were:

  • Ling Xiao, pharmacology (article link)
  • Delphi Coppens, pharmacoepidemiology and clinical pharmacology (article link)
  • Oleg Klykov, biomolecular mass spectrometry and proteomics (article link)
  • Jan-Jaap Verhoef, pharmaceutics (article link)
  • Ivan Gagarinov, chemical biology and drug discovery (article link)

And finally the Utrecht Award for Excellence in Pharmaceutical Practice 2018 was awarded to dr. Suzanne Hill, director of the Department Essential Medicines and Health Products of WHO. 

A slideshow of photos can be found on the UIPS news site.

Photo by Bas van Breukelen