30 August 2017

Department Day, June 23 2017

Pharmaceutical Sciences awards its students, teachers and researchers

Photo by Wim Hennink

Quite some people were put in the spotlight in the afternoon of June 23, to receive flowers and awards. Anke Hövels received her Basic Qualification in Education, and Marianne Verdel, Roland Pieters and Dirk Rijkers received the Senior Qualification in Education. Dirk Rijkers was also pleasantly surprised when the students put him in the spotlight for his patience in explaining organic chemistry.

The afternoon continued with awards for the winners of the first Pharmacy Olympiad. The winners were:

  • Bachelor year 1: Aimane Arrouby and Salma Bouzeryouh
  • Bachelor year 2: Simone Franken and Pjotr Temme
  • Bachelor year 3: Jeroen Houwen and Kubra Pulato
  • CPS: Melissa Leung and Livia Wilod Versprille
  • Master year 1: Fatma Cali and Stijn Croonen
  • Master year 2: Jacobine van Doremalen (highest overall score) and Anouk Laurier
  • Master year 3: Jasmina Belhadji and Leroy Lepelaars

Then it was time for the PhD competition, with presentations (of 7 minutes each)  judged by a new jury formed by Manoe Jansen, Wei Wu, Massimiliano Caiazzo, Seino Jongkees and Helga Gardarsdottir. The best PhD presentation was won by Matthijs van Haren (chemical biology and drug discovery), after fiercely competing with:

  • Lies Fliervoet (pharmaceutics)
  • Thierry Schmidlin (biomolecular mass spectrometry and proteomics)
  • Lin Xiao (pharmacology)
  • Turki Althunian (pharmacoepidemiology and clinical pharmacology)


The award for best PhD publication of 2016 was won by Sem Tamara (biomolecular mass spectrometry and proteomics) for this JACS article and accepted by Kyle Fort. The other candidates, put forward by their group leaders, were

  • Jitske Jansen/Michele Fedecostante, pharmacology (article link)
  • Marjolein Vranken, pharmacoepidemiology and clinical pharmacology (article link)
  • Dandan Li, pharmaceutics (article link)
  • Alen Sevšek, chemical biology and drug discovery (article link)


After an update of the plans of the Future Medicines Fellows and the launch of the new glycoscience video (conceived by Tom Wennekes), it was time for the Utrecht Award for Excellence in Pharmaceutical Research 2017, followed by a very interesting lecture of the awardee prof. Paul Parren. The festivities were closed with a tasty dinner buffet.


A slideshow of photos can be found on the UIPS news site.


Snapshots of department day