Paul Adriaanse new Director of Continuing Education Binnenstadscampus

As of the 1st of September Paul Adriaanse is the new Director of Continuing Education (CE) of the Binnenstadscampus. Adriaanse will work across the borders of faculties, strategic themes and hubs to increase UU education aimed at professionals. He does this by bringing people together, stimulating discussions and talking to professionals in the field.

Nowadays it's no longer enough to finish just one education programme during your working life. You have to constantly develop yourself in order to remain relevant in your field. Universities have the important task of facilitating this development. As a result not only professionals - including our alumni - stay up to date; we as a university as well

The new Director of CE Binnenstadscampus will work at the behest of the Faculty Law, Economics and Governance & the Faculty of Humanities, the strategic theme of Institutions for Open Societies, and in relation to the UU programme Continuing Education.

Paul Adriaanse is associated with The Utrecht University School of Governance (USG). Until 1 January 2021, Adriaanse is one of the directors responsible for executive education and USG Consultancy. Together with colleagues he researched how professionals learn and how they want to be taught.

Within Utrecht University, Adriaanse is a much sought-after advisor in organisational change processes. He assists directors and managers with organisational issues and strategic questions. Outside the university, Adriaanse is particularly active in the arts and culture sector. As director of the UU programme LinC (Leadership in Culture) he advises many organisations in the cultural field. In addition to his job at the university, Adriaanse is active as a director at cultural institutions.

About Continuing Education

The programme Continuing Education focuses on working people with academic training questions and is directly linked to our research and education. By developing educational programmes for professionals together with the professional field, Utrecht University helps professionals identify current and relevant problems and learn to work on solutions with today's knowledge.

Utrecht University aims for a consistent curriculum for professionals from all faculties and hubs by 2023.