Partnership solar park A12 Bunnik officially started

UU employees and local community can also participate

Energie Coöperatie Bunnik (ECB) and Utrecht University (UU) will start building a 13-hectare solar field south of the A12 near Bunnik next summer. To this end, they signed the cooperation agreement on Monday 22 January. This solar park will generate a quantity of sustainable electricity equivalent to the consumption of 5,000 households.

Utrecht University aims to be CO2 neutral by 2030. Making sustainability possible can be done partly with solar energy. UU therefore uses solar panels on roofs, solar fields and solar carports. To make big steps now, UU is partnering with Energie Coöperatie Bunnik to build and operate the solar park. The ECB's mission is to boost local energy transition in Bunnik and the surrounding area. Last summer, UU signed an agreement with solar park developer IX Zon. This gave UU the rights to build 50% of a large solar field in Bunnik and operate it for 30 years. The remaining 50% was already owned by the ECB. In the realisation and operation, UU and the Energie Coöperatie Bunnik are working closely together.

Cooperation agreement

The cooperation deal contains agreements on how both parties will develop and realise the solar park. These include agreements on joint procurement, approaching stakeholders collectively and on laying the necessary cables to the USP. Both parties have been working together satisfactorily for almost six months and are therefore pleased to perpetuate this in the cooperation agreement.

Contribution to energy supply at USP

Located over two kilometres from the Utrecht Science Park (USP), the solar park will be connected to the USP electricity network via a direct cable connection. Together with the ECB, UU will thus provide a vital contribution to a sustainable energy supply for the region. If everything goes according to plan, the solar park will start generating renewable energy early 2025. The entire solar park will generate over 16 GWh of renewable energy. That is equivalent to the electricity consumption of over 5,000 households.

Participating in Solar Park A12-Bunnik

Energie Coöperatie Bunnik wants to realise the overall project not only together with UU, but also together with the local community. This way, the Bunnik community not only generates a considerable amount of sustainable energy on its territory, but can also realise it with local financing and local ownership. Thus, not only the burdens but also the joys of this project remain local. Through crowdfunding, interested parties can participate in the project and share in the profit distribution. Employees of Utrecht University can also participate. They can soon benefit twice: as a consumer of solar power at their workplace and as an investor in a local sustainable project.