Participation on Conference “Equity perspectives on Global Ocean Law and Governance

On 7 September, Catherine Blanchard participated in the Conference “Equity perspectives on Global Ocean Law and Governance”.

The multidisciplinary conference, which took place in Hamburg, gathered researchers in international law, philosophy, political sciences, economics, literature, international relations, anthropology and nature sciences. Participants discussed questions related to the use of equity concepts in different disciplines, the utility of the common heritage of humankind principle, the potential for equitable burden-sharing regarding plastics pollution, questions of equity in fisheries conservation and management, and the (legal) personhood as a way forward in ocean law and governance.

Catherine’s presentation explored the (potential) inclusion of the common heritage principle in the upcoming BBNJ Agreement. She also drew comparisons with the inclusion of the principle in the regime for the Area and deep-sea mineral resources.

For more infornation, please access the conference’s website.