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In the Know Yourself Challenge, you are your own researcher and research object. How did you become who you are? Can you improve your well-being with sports, mindfulness or by going into nature? And how do you give meaning to your life?  

Get to know yourself and help science 

Corona has had repercussions on our mental well-being. Research by the RIVM (2021) shows that half of all students struggle with psychological problems such as anxiety and gloom. Stress and performance pressure appear to play a major role in this. According to State Secretary Maarten van Ooijen of Health, Welfare and Sport, we have become a "hunted society" in which the bar is set "tremendously high" (Trouw 2022). That pressure is reflected in the waiting lists for mental health help. Currently, more than 80 thousand people are waiting for help. 

According to experts, including psychiatrist Prof. Damiaan Denys (UvA), the solution lies not (only) in the psychologist's office, but more broadly in society. We need to learn to fail and cope better with setbacks, he argues. But how do you do that? To help you, Studium Generale is organising the Know Yourself Challenge. On a digital platform, psychologists, philosophers and health researchers have prepared small surveys for you. 

Je welzijn beinvloeden tijdens de Ken jezelf challenge - tekst in uitklap

Test what meditation does to your state of mind, map out where you get your meaning from, or enter into a conversation with chatbot Freud and discover which important events have shaped you. Together we will explore what really helps your mental well-being. By participating, you not only gain more self-insight, but you also contribute to science.

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