Out now: “After the Dust Settles: Seeking Acknowledgement and Justice”

How was the 2015 bombing on Hawija experienced and interpreted on social media? And, what questions does this incident raise more broadly about remote warfare, both for the civilians in whose name airstrikes are performed and for those on the receiving end?

A team of students from Utrecht University collaborated with the Intimacies of Remote Warfare programme (UU) and PAX to research how the Hawija bombing has been discussed online, from the morning after up until 6 years later. The findings are now available in a research report, “After the Dust Settles: Seeking Acknowledgement and Justice: Analysing social media interpretations of the Dutch airstrike on Hawija in 2015.

For a reflection on the civilian harm in Hawija by the mayor of Hawija and local organization Al-Ghad, tune into the livestream of PAX’s Protection of Civilian Event  on Thursday the 2nd of December at 9:30.

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