8 November 2019

Organizational psychologist Wilmar Schaufeli receives Royal Distinction

Utrecht University professor Wilmar Schaufeli ranks among the leading scientists in the field of organizational psychology. He is praised for not only his scientific career, but also for the societal impact of his scientific contributions. On Thursday November 7th he was appointed ‘Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau’.

Schaufeli en Van Zanen
Schaufeli and Van Zanen

For 25 years, Schaufeli has been professor Social, Health and Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University, when he became emeritus professor on November 7th as well. During his career he dedicated his work to subjects regarding work stress, burn-out and work addiction. His scientific oeuvre includes 350 international, English articles, 132 Dutch articles and 29 books.

Apart from his academic achievements Schaufeli has made significant contributions to the practice of his field. He helped develop multiple tests on the subject of burn-out and work engagement. An important example of measuring instruments Schaufeli helped to develop is the Dutch version of the Maslach Burnout Inventory, which has been used since the 1990’s by psychologists and psychiatrists to determine whether or not a patient has serious burn-out complaints.

Schaufeli received his royal distinction, after his farewell address, from the Utrecht mayor Jan van Zanen.