15 May 2018

Open Education - Figshare

Within the University of Utrecht, educational materials are developed with great effort from teachers. Whether it concerns 'traditional' forms, such as presentations, or 'innovative' forms, such as e-modules: the amount of material is growing. Some materials, like e-lectures, are stored centrally. Other materials are on hard disks or USB sticks.

Educational material is often suitable for reuse. It saves a lot of time as material stored centrally and well described. The quality of education does not increase as lecturers repeatedly reinvent the wheel. Exchanges across the boundaries of the study programs, faculties and even universities, frees up time that we can put into quality and makes new partnerships possible.

The ambition of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is that all teachers in 2025 share their online educational materials openly.


Figshare will soon be available to all UU teachers: one place for teachers to share education, gain inspiration and find material for reuse. Figshare is a platform to store digital educational material in a sustainable way and to make it easier to find. At Figshare, teachers can choose whether to make their teaching materials available for reuse inside or outside the UU. More information about Figshare can be found on the website of Educate-it.

Sneak preview Figshare

Curious about Figshare? Come eat a sandwich and talk about sharing your education with colleagues. Your input is essential for the development of the platform.

In May two sneak preview meetings will be organized:

• Wednesday 23 May: 12.00-13.00, Drakenborchzaal (2.39) University Library Uithof

• Tuesday 29 May, UCU, 12.00-13.00, Vogelzaal University Library Binnenstad

You can register by sending an e-mail to Dafne Jansen (d.jansen@uu.nl). Do you have questions? Or are you not able to come on 23 or 29 May, but would you like to think along? Then you can also contact her.

The Figshare project is a collaboration between the University Library (UBU), Information & Technology Services (ITS), Educate-it and Education & Research (R&D).

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