15 October 2015

From Financing to Publishing

Open Access services at the University Library

Over the past few years Utrecht University Library has steadily assembled the right people and resources to optimize their Open Access services. In several projects, with a strong focus on external developments, librarians picked up essential expertise and managed to connect it to structural internal services. They now transfer this knowledge to students, professors, researchers and professionals related to Utrecht University on a daily basis. During this 8th International Open Access Week they are also hosting a series of workshops and are communicating about ‘Open Access topics’ on Twitter and Facebook. The Open Access movement ánd the library are ‘open for collaboration’!

The Open Access movement has been growing gradually, but non-stop, for years. Fortunately, during year’s Open Access Week this, we can see the movement has a great amount of public support due to the encouragement and collaboration of policy makers, a new generation of academics, experienced researchers, innovative companies and also commercial publishers.

Utrecht University and Utrecht University Library have been Open Access advocates for a long time. From the moment the Berlin Declaration was signed on May 9th 2005, they have developed many services and products that support all sorts of Open Access initiatives within the academic environment of Utrecht.

Open Access & Quality
The library plays an active part in advisement and communication about Open Access within the university. At a national and global level we work on setting agreements on how to implement Open Access policies. These agreements concern governments, research funders and the VSNU. We also absorb insights on how to recognize quality in Open Access and which up-to-date parameters (metrics) are being used. Want to know more? Visit our workshop: ‘Open Access: Quality or not?’ (20 & 22 Oct).

Open Access Fund
Since 2012 researchers at Utrecht University can call on our Open Access Fund to reimburse costs deriving from publishing in Open Access such as Article Processing Charges. Find out more about funding possibilities in the workshop: ‘Who pays for my Open Access publication?’ (20 & 22 Oct).

Open Access Publishing
The library is enabling Utrecht University researchers and students to publish in ‘green’ in the Utrecht University Repository, or in ‘gold’ in one of the Open Access Journals supported by Uopen Journals. Academics can even start their own journal with our help. Interested? Visit our workshop: ‘How to develop a successful Open Access Journal?’ (20 & 22 Oct).

As a result of thriving digital developments and transparency, copyright has become more important, but at the same time more complex! With our brand new Copyright Information Point we support professors, employees, researchers and students. Join our workshop on ‘Copyright and Open Access’ for more information (22 Oct).

Open Data
Making research data accessible for reuse can initiate several positive effects. That is why the library and ITS have developed a Research Data Management portal. Here academics can make use of tools, information and they can ask their questions about managing, describing and disclosing research data. Want to know more? Visit the workshop: ‘Open Access to Research Data’ (20 & 22 Oct).

Open Peer Review
Open Access is only one of the aspects of Open Science; the process of making the entire scholarly communication cycle more accessible and transparent. Within this movement a lot of new models have arisen concerning peer review. The library is following these developments closely and is open to discuss the meaning of the adjoining circumstances. Come and join our workshop: ‘Open peer review’(20 & 22 Oct).