23 October 2018

Open Access Week 2018

Open Access one of the major elements of Open Science

Monday 22 October was the first day of the Open Access Week 2018. During this week the VSNU, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, will post a video message each day in which researchers, policy makers and politicians will share their thoughts on why they think the transition to open access publising is important.

Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven

Dutch minister of Education, Culture and Science, Ingrid van Engelshoven, kicked off the week. She underlines the pioneering work done by the Netherlands.

Chair Open Science Platform UU Miedema

Open Access is one of the major elements of Open Science.

On Tuesday  Prof. Frank Miedema, chair of the Open Science Platform of Utrecht University, spoke about open access as an important element in the wider developments in the field of Open Science.

A new video each day

On the YouTube channel Open Access Week 2018 of the VSNU, each day this week a new video will be posted.