19 January 2018

Online training research data management in pilot phase

Meeting an increasing demand for basic research data management training, we are developing  an online training in which you learn to write your own data management plan. The training can be followed any place, anytime. 

Training design

The online training 'Learn to write your DMP' gives you the necessary information needed to complete your data management plan (DMP). The assignment throughout the training is to fill your own DMP, using the tool DMPonline, which is currently also in the pilot phase. 

The requests RDM Support receives to give basic training on research data management are increasing. So, the time was ripe to look for a scalable and more efficient solution which, at the same time, simplifies the process for a researcher to design a high quality data management plan.

The course consists of 6 chapters, divided into three categories: 


  • Data collection
  • Data documentation


  • Data storage
  • Data security


  • Data selection and preservation
  • Data availability for reuse.

Testing, testing

In the coming months we will be testing both the online training as well as DMPonline@UU:  

  • Online training
    The beta version of the online training will be available from February 2018. During the next few months we will be testing with different groups of users in order to optimise the training. We aim to have the training ready by the start of the academic year 2018/2019. 
  • DMPonline@UU
    We are in the process of moving from our Word-based checklist for a DMP to using the webbased tool DMPonline. At this moment we are piloting the tool at the Faculty of Humanities, together with the strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies. Together we optimise the basic DMP questions, find out where more domain specific questions and guidance are needed and learn what additional material is needed in the online RDM training and on this RDM Support website.

Send us your feedback

No matter what your point of entry will be, we want to make sure that you can easily switch between the online RDM training, DMPonline and this website. Your suggestions are very welcome at info.rdm@uu.nl