20 February 2019

NWO grant van Assen, Buskens, Corten, Przepiorka and van de Rijt

Samenwerkende proefpersonen
Study subjects. Photo:Istock

The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) has recently funded the project titled “The competitive advantage of sanctioning institutions revisited: A multi-lab replication of Gürerk et al. (2006)” within the Replication Studies programme. The proposal for the replication study was submitted by Marcel van Assen, Vincent Buskens, Rense Corten, Arnout van de Rijt and Wojtek Przepiorka.

About Gürerk's study

In the experiment "The competitive advantage of sanctioning institutions" of Gürerk, Irlenbusch and Rockenbach (Science, 2006) study subjects played a game with public goods, a frequently used experiment to study human collaboration. The most important innovation of Gürerk et al. was that they allowed the studied subjects to choose the institutional regime: with the possibility to sanction or not. However the article was based on single experiment with a small group of study subjects.


The researchers from Utrecht University will replicate the study by Gürerk et al. in eight laboratories on four continents:

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Oxford
  • Santiago de Chile
  • Stony Brook
  • Utrecht
  • Valencia
  • Warsaw
  • Zürich

Cornerstone research

The Replication Studies programme funds projects from the health and social sciences to replicate cornerstone research in order to contribute to increased transparency in research and the quality of reporting of research results.