3 July 2015

NWO funding for PhD research into youth peacebuilding in Nigeria

Erik Meinema
Erik Meinema

Erik Meinema receives funding from the Research Talent programme of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) for his PhD project ‘Religion, Conflict and Peacebuilding in Nigeria. A post-secular perspective on youth peacebuilding.’ His supervisor will be Prof. Birgit Meyer (Religious Studies).

NWO Research Talent offers talented and ambitious young researchers within the social and behavioural sciences a platform to pursue a scientific career and carry out high-quality PhD research. In this round, 29 out of 70 proposals have been awarded.

Project summary

Research on conflict and peacebuilding identifies youth mostly as perpetrators and/or victims of violence. It is often assumed that youth are easily inflamed and mobilized by religious arguments. This assumption neglects the role of religious youth in peacebuilding processes on the ground. Taking Jos, Nigeria, as a case study, this project aims to identify how Muslim and Christian youth envision and work towards peaceful co-existence between religious communities after interreligious violence.

The research takes a post-secular perspective, meaning that it will critically analyse how various (secular and religious) views on religion, conflict and peace(building) impact possibilities for peaceful interreligious co-existence.