6 January 2017

NKFvD supports research into stomach cancer in Belgian shepherds

The Nederlandse Kankerfonds voor Dieren (Netherlands Cancer Foundation for Animals - NKFvD) has granted a 10,000 Euro subsidy for PhD research into the genetic causes for stomach cancer in Belgian shepherds. The research will be conducted by Sanne Hugen, under the supervision of Dr. Paul Mandigers.

Stomach cancer occurs in both dogs and in humans. There is considerable overlap in the causes, but in Belgian shepherds the genetic component is more significant than in humans. An estimated 2% to 4% of all older Belgian shepherds, especially Tervuerense shepherds and Groenendaelders, die from the disease.

The goal of the study is to find a genetic cause for the condition, so that we can eliminate it in this breed and perhaps in other breeds as well. Houben will also study the overlap with humans in order to help develop better diagnostic and treatment methods.

The research team, which also includes Dr. Hille Fieten, Dr. Frank van Steenbeek and Dr. peter Leegwater, had already received three other subsidies worth almost 25,000 Euros from the NKFvD.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is extremely grateful to the NKFvD for this vital financial support for its PhD research.

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