Nine AI-projects funded to improve quality of life and healthcare

Working interdisciplinary means to collaborate. In the knowledge alliance (EWUU), the UU works together with the TU/e, WUR and the UMCU to tackle the challenges of our time. One of these challenges is health. The alliance funds nine interdisciplinary projects investigating Artifical Intelligence (AI) for healthcare. The UU is represented in all projects.

The nine AI projects investigate innovative AI methods that may accelerate the transition from reactive to more proactive and personalized care. In addition, methods are developed to make AI more reliable, valid and transparent. These projects are led by the AI for Health team and work together with the Alliance's Institute for Preventive Health.

More information

Please contact the alliance if you would like to know more about the projects or about the alliance's AI for Health theme.

AI for Health projects:

Alliance TUe, WUR, UU, UMC Utrecht (EWUU)

The motto of the strategic alliance between Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Utrecht University and University Medical Centre Utrecht is Challenging Future Generations. We strive to do that by putting young researchers, lecturers and students at the helm and by collaborating across the borders of the scientific disciplines. In the alliance, the four institutions combine their expertise in order to contribute to social transitions in the fields of health, food, energy and sustainability.

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