27 November 2019

New report from Utrecht University Library sheds light on publishing in Plan S context

To what extent do journals currently enable Plan S-compliant publishing? Do researchers already publish in ways that fit requirements of Plan S? What are differences between the various fields and subdisciplines in this regard?

Plan S - Making full and immediate Open Access a reality

These and other questions are addressed in the report Open access potential and uptake in the context of Plan S - a partial gap analysis, which aims to provide initial quantitative and descriptive data on the availability and usage of various open access options in different fields and subdisciplines, and, as far as possible, their compliance with Plan S requirements. This work was commissioned to Utrecht University Library on behalf of cOAlition S by the Dutch Research Council (NWO), a member of cOAlition S. 

The report is intended as a first step: an exploration in methodology as much as in results. Subsequent interpretation and next steps (e.g. regarding fields where funder investment/action is needed) is intentionally left to cOAlition S.

It will be interesting to learn to what extent and how the results and descriptions of various (sub)disciplines reflect the image that researchers have of the availability and usage of open access options in their field, and how these are influenced by differences in publication culture. 

The report and underlying data are available on Zenodo. 

For more information, questions and feedback on the report or on Plan S or open access in general, please contact openscience@uu.nl or get in touch with your subject librarian.