14 December 2018

Third Public Engagement Seed Fund call

New recipients of Public Engagement seed fund

For the third time, team Public Engagement granted seed money for public engagement activities to five projects. There were nine applicants in total, all of high quality. 


  1. Nienke Wagenaar, PhD at Wilhelmina Children's Hospital (WKZ), “Researcher in the class”. In this project, the WKZ, together with the Science Hub, organises school visits by researchers, including training. The researchers develop their communication skills and support each other, the children learn something about what it is to do research.
  2. Michail Moatsos, PhD at the Research Institute for History and Art History at Utrecht University, “Global Poverty Interactive”. Moatsos develops an app that alows users to define poverty as they see fit, and compare their choices with current national and international standards, as well as with the preferences of other contributors from around the world. This way, research into poverty development is enriched with citizens' perspectives.

Granted conditionally:

  1. Job de Vries, PhD and dr. Timothy Price, Physical Geography at Utrecht University, “Citizen science: collaboration on monitoring nature based solutions for coastal protection in Surinam and The Netherlands.” Residents and tourists in coastal areas help to collect research data about changing coastlines by making photographs. This allows researchers to enlarge the dataset they use to research changes to coastlines. 
  2. Nikae te Moller, PhD veterinary sciences at Utrecht University, “Joints jumping for joy “. In this project, te Moller explains the beautiful dynamics of the joint and the complexity of osteoarthritis by dancing it. The process from idea to result will be recorded in a mini-documentary. Both can be used at science festivals and events. Furthermore, te Moller aims to inspire her colleagues to be more creative than they are used to when sharing their work.
  3. Dr. Franck Meijboom, head of Centre for Sustainable Animal Stewardship (CenSAS) of Utrecht University, “CenSAS Animal Dialogue”. The CenSAS organises a debate, an Animal Dialogue, where everyone who wants to can talk about how we treat animals. In groups, participants have a conversation about several related themes. 

New call

The Public Engagement seed fund grants Utrecht researchers small amounts to help them realise innovative, research related public engagement activities, to a maximum of €2.000 per application. The next call will be in spring 2019. Details will appear on the website and intranet. If you wish to be notified of our next call and other news of the Public Engagement Program, do subscribe to our newsletter.

Contact us

If you need advice and help in setting up public engagement activities, do not hesitate to contact us at PublicEngagement@uu.nl.