New policy brief on flood-resilient cities with lots of practical advice by Utrecht University

The International Water Resources Association (IWRA) has made a policy brief on cities flood resilience, based on recommendations of Utrecht University researchers and colleagues from other institutions.

The policy briefs of the IWRA aim to provide high quality analysis and practical recommendations for policy makers on important development issues. This particular brief is called Flood-resilient cities start at home (pdf) and is based on a Special Issue of the academic journal Water International, written by an interdisciplinary group of scholars from Utrecht University and other institutions. 

Different disciplinary backgrounds

All contributions to this special issue shared a focus on individual homeowners’ responses to flood risks, mainly river floods and flash floods. This was a unique and innovative perspective, which was approached from different disciplinary backgrounds – covering engineering, geography, planning, policy and legal approaches.

Guest editors of Utrecht University were Willemijn van Doorn - Hoekveld and Marleen van Rijswick, together with Thomas Hartmann (Wageningen University & Research) and Tejo Spit (recently Utrecht University, now emeritus)