New Podcast series: Travelling Concepts on Air


Travelling Concepts on Air is a new podcast series of the IOS Contesting Governance Platform. The series explores the promise and ideal of interdisciplinarity by looking at travelling concepts: concepts that travel within and across academic disciplines.

The two Utrecht University based hosts dr. Tessa Diphoorn (Cultural Anthropology) and dr. Brianne McGonigle Leyh (SIM, Netherlands Institute of Human Rights) will invite two scholars each month to discuss a particular concept and explore how, if, and why, such concepts have travelled.

Listen to the trailer to get a first impression.

Trailer on Spotify

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Within the platform Contesting Governance, researchers apply critical perspectives to unravel how power is constituted and how it operates across particular institutional and societal fields. The interdisciplinary research platform combines the normative framework of law with the complexity that emerges from grounded empirical research and explores the tensions between them. Aiming to build bridges between international law, anthropology and conflict studies, Contesting Governance finds newness and inspiration in interdisciplinary dialogue, collaboration, and teaching around concepts such as sovereignty, security, governance, violence, human rights, and legitimacy.