11 October 2018

New exchange partner: Okayama University

On Tuesday, October 9, University College Utrecht signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Okayama University in Japan.

Professor Ayami Nakatani and Professor James Kennedy with the Memorandum

The Memorandum of Understanding is an intention declaration for cooperation in student exchange. On the same day, University College Utrecht organised a well-attended Study Abroad Fair for the present students, where Professor Nakatani gave a presentation about the Discovery Program for Global Learners, Okayama University's English-language program for international exchange students and Japanese students together. As Director of the Discovery Progam, Professor Nakatani was present on behalf of Hiroshi Sano, Executive Vice President for Education and International Affairs of Okayama University, who signed the Memorandum.

At the Fair, there were also representatives from universities from the United States, Canada, Asia, Latin-America and Europe, who gave an insight in what their universities have to offer. University College Utrecht has cooperation with over 50 universities around the world, and exchanges around 120 students on an annual basis.