New Community of Practice platform for biomedical researchers

The use of animals in biomedical research is increasingly the subject of debate and concern. A growing range of modern and ever-improving techniques, called New Approach Methodologies (or NAMs), can replace the use of animals while providing results that are more likely to be relevant to humans.

While NAMs are more and more accepted by the scientific community, there is still a significant lack of confidence and thus adoption amongst biomedical researchers. Insufficient awareness and/or validation, tools accessibility, and lack of knowledge are salient obstacles. In other words, there is a need for more communication between biomedical researchers and industry to validate these tools, and for more concrete methodology, guidelines, and standardisation efforts to gain more support for adoption.

The Alliance for Human Relevant Science and Animal Free Research UK has launched in July this year a one-of-its-kind online community to improve communication among biomedical scientists from around the world and bring them together to practice human-relevant research.

The platform is curated by members and Animal Free Research UK coordinators. Members are invited to add content, create, share events and resources, and to collaborate on projects such as writing reviews, articles and much more.

The platform aims to gather all stakeholders involved in biomedical research sector, from academic and early career scientists, students, and industry. Members can interact online 24/7 as well as attend planned events.

Membership is free, the platform is user friendly, new members can sign up and join the community by clicking here: Join the CoP

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