8 January 2019

New call for travel fund

Are you a PhD candidate who is interested in conducting part of your complexity research abroad? Or would you like to attend courses at an international institution to further develop your research skills? The Swaantje Mondt Fund gives you the opportunity to exchange knowledge and develop new research skills at an institute outside of the Netherlands. This is the second year that the travel fund is open for applications. Over the past year, the grant helped six PhD candidates to work or study at an institute abroad.

The Swaantje Mondt Fund was founded by Martine and Jaap Mondt to offer PhD candidates from Utrecht University the opportunity to either conduct part of their research or to attend courses abroad in order to further develop their research skills. Foreign PhD candidates working on complexity research are also welcome to apply for a grant from the fund to help facilitate a research visit at our Centre in Utrecht.

New research ideas

The PhD candidates that received a travel fund grant last year can look back on an interesting experience. “With this research visit, we laid a solid foundation for further collaboration, knowledge exchange, software and experimental infrastructure, and other resources”, says Joris Broere, who visited the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Collaborations and results

The visits also resulted in many new collaborative efforts and ideas. Marieke van der Wegen, who visited the Georgia Institute of Technology: “Professor Matt Baker knows a lot about the background of graph gonality, and he knows a lot about what results are known, what questions are still open, and what would be interesting to research. So talking to him gave me a better overview of the field, as well as some new research ideas.” Some PhD candidates stayed for several weeks and worked together with several other PhD candidates, students and professors. This not only led to new insights, but also to concrete results, including detailed outlines of research papers.

How to apply?

Are you interested in experiencing an institute abroad yourself? Apply for the call >