New building on Universiteitsweg

A new building will be constructed in the stretch of green space on Universiteitsweg between the David de Wied building and Nutricia Research. Utrecht University (UU) has granted this land on a long lease to developer Kadans to design, realise and operate a building that will provide space for start-ups and scale-ups in the Life Science sector. Before construction starts in April, UU will make the site ready for building. By summer 2025, the building should be ready.

beeld van de toekomstige terreininrichting rondom de PUU
The future site layout around the Plus Ultra Utrecht.

Site preparation

The preparation of the plot for building requires the removal of 46 trees. These are trees standing on the site of the future building and trees that must be removed to access the site via University Road with large equipment. Nine trees will be replanted to Bolognalaan. Furthermore, a driveway will be created and a soil retaining structure will be installed on the border with the Olympos rugby pitch. The surrounding area and traffic are expected to experience little disruption from these works.

More greenery after construction

After completion, the surrounding grounds will be landscaped and the avenue structure along University Road will be restored. To compensate for the greenery that will be removed for the new building, a woodland plantation will be created between this building and the Hoofddijk in the final situation. This 310-square-metre forest park will than contain 925 trees.

Sustainable building

The new building will be named Plus Ultra Utrecht. Start-ups and scale-ups working in the life science sector will soon be able to rent space here. There are already two buildings with similar functionality in the Utrecht Science Park: Genmab and the Accelerator. The Plus Ultra Utrecht will have an area of 23,000 m2 (GFA) and its highest point measures 57 metres. With the maximum score for a sustainable new building (BREEAM Outstanding) and the highest targets for attention to the health of the users (such as Well Platinum), the builder has a lot of attention for the integration into the environment and for the well-being of the building's users.