New book on Change in the Law of the Sea

Change in the Law of the sea book cover

Rozemarijn Roland Holst has published a new monograph ‘Change in the Law of the Sea: Context, Mechanisms and Practice’ (Brill 2022).

The oceans provide a vivid illustration of the relationship between an ever-changing context and a formalistic legal framework. The 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, hailed as one of the greatest achievements of international law-making, is confronted with dramatically different present-day exigencies. Change in the Law of the Sea provides an analysis and synthesis of the mechanisms that allow this ‘old’ treaty to respond to its contemporary context, shining new light not only on how change occurs in international law, but also on how the sources of demand for change are themselves changing.

The book is based on Rozemarijn’s PhD research carried out within the scope of the ERC Sustainable Ocean Project at the Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea (NILOS) and the Utrecht Centre for Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law (UCWOSL), for which she was awarded her PhD cum laude in 2020.