16 February 2017

The University Library supports open science

National Plan Open Science presented

open science nationaal plan

On Thursday 9 February the National Plan Open Science and the corresponding website openscience.nl were presented. The plan describes how the Dutch government (the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science), universities and research organisations such as NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) and KNAW (The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) will continue to dedicate themselves to creating an open and transparant scientific process. The objective is that by 2020 everyone will have access to all scientific journal articles, and to as many research data as possible.

New open model

Research funded by public means should benefit the whole of society. That is why a new open model is needed to give everyone the chance to be informed of research data. At the same time a model in which research results and research data are openly shared offers researchers great opportunities.

Spearheads Plan Open Science

In the near future the National Plan Open Science will focus on three spearheads to achieve the open science objectives:

1. Promoting open access to scientific publications (100 % open access in 2020)

2. Promoting optimal reuse of research data

3. Adapting evaluation and reward systems that are in line with the objectives of open science

Download the National Plan Open Science via openscience.nl

Utrecht University Library supports open science

The University Library provides, in collaboration with other parties within Utrecht University, several services to support researchers in the field of open science. For instance:

National Plan Open Science (in Dutch only)
Bron: openscience.nl