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How to reduce the carbon footprint of your Instagram post? Does your origin determine your future? Is it better to prevent dementia than to cure it? How do you prevent marine animals from suffocating in our plastic soup? Questions like these will be asked in advertisements in national newspapers, on social media and in radio commercials from 21 February to the end of March. The 14 university funds in the Netherlands have joined forces for this national awareness campaign. The aim is to draw attention to groundbreaking research at universities and to the possibility of contributing financially to it.

Stronger together

The Utrecht University Fund supports research and education at Utrecht University, thanks to gifts from many alumni and donors. It is the oldest university fund in our country, but not the only one: every Dutch university has a fund. In this campaign they joined forces. For scientific research, philanthropic contributions from private individuals and organisations are becoming more and more important. With this campaign, we want to create more awareness for the importance of research and the need to contribute financially. The campaign consists of advertisements in national newspapers, a social media campaign, a campaign website and radio commercials voiced by Diederik Jekel.

Utrecht University asks contributions for plastic free oceans

Under the umbrella of this joint campaign, the Utrecht University Fund is asking for attention and financial support for research into plastic free oceans. The enormous amount of plastic in the oceans, from our waste, contributes to the death of 1.5 million seabirds, fish, whales and turtles every year. Microplastics lying around are also a threat to our own health. Scientists from Utrecht are developing a computer tool that predicts where and when plastic waste will wash ashore. This way, we can better clean up plastic from the ocean worldwide.

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