26 September 2016

MyUU app for students a big hit and 'super chill'

The MyUU app launched this past June, which students can use to check schedules, marks and student card details, is a big hit. With almost 14,000 active users and counting, the new app is already getting lots of mileage!

Almost half of UU students

Given a student body of 30,000, this means 45% of UU students are actively using the app. No doubt that's thanks in part to an advertising campaign over the last few months to promote the app on the student site, Facebook and Twitter. Students rate the app as ‘super chill’.

Teething problems fixed soon

A small share of students have a Solis-id that is different to their student number and as a result cannot see their timetables and lists of marks in the app. This problem should be ironed out by the end of this month.


The Information and Technology Services Department of Utrecht University is continously looking for innovative ways to improve studentcommunication with new IT. Work is now under way to explore how students can be notified whenever new marks are registered. Other functionalities under consideration for future versions of the app include directions to lecture rooms.

The app is available to download from Google Play (Android) and the App Store (Apple).