Multilingualism as an asset

LUCIDE Toolkits and City Reports


For the European research project LUCIDE (Languages in Urban Communities - Integration and Diversity for Europe), Dr Jacomine Nortier (Humanities), Dr Ivana Brasileiro (Law, Economics and Governance) and Judith Ridder performed a study on multilingualism in the city of Utrecht. They also made an inventory of 'good multilingual practices' in several fields, such as health care and education.

From 2011 til 2014, European linguists have investigated how multilingualism plays a role in thirteen European cities and five cities outside of Europe. They also listed a number of 'good practices' that demonstrate that multilingualism does not have to be a burden. The presence of multiple languages can be a source of creativity and an asset.

Dr. Jacomine Nortier. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
Dr. Jacomine Nortier

The reports and interviews are bundled in City Reports. Nortier, Brasileiro and Ridder are the authors of the City Report on Utrecht. Based on the City Reports, six toolkits are developed with tips and tricks for specific urban communities and industries.

For more information please contact Dr Jacomine Nortier.

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