15 June 2018

Movies & Science: Authenticity

From leaders to recipes, we like it authentic. Authenticity means being sincere, original or credible. It has something to do with truth, value and that what is 'real'. But what makes something authentic? And why do we attach such importance to it? In the Movies & Science series we try to find answers by approaching the theme from three angles: art, nature and food. Jointly organised by Studium Generale and Centre for the Humanities.

8 October: The End of Fear

In 1986 a vandal slashed Barnett Newman’s painting ‘Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue III’. A restorer was hired, but his methods and results were controversial. What comprises the identity of an artwork? Q&A with Dr Marjolijn Bol (Art History, UU).

5 November: Grizzly Man

Documentaries often portray the natural world untruthfully: scenes are staged or mischaracterized. However, in Grizzly Man we see raw footage of Timothy Treadwell living amongst deadly bears. Is this story authentic? Q&A with Dr Kári Driscoll (Modern and Contemporary Literature, UU).

10 December: The Search for General Tso

This film traces the culinary origins of the most popular Chinese dish in America. How are cultural products, such as food, valued in a globalised world? Does it matter where they come from? Q&A with Prof dr Jeroen de Kloet (Globalisation Studies, UvA).

Practical info

The movies will be screened in film theatre 't Hoogt (theatre 1), on Mondays from 19.00 to 21.15 hrs.