7 October 2015

Mojtaba Abdul Roda wins national PhD competition Pharmaceutical Sciences

Photo courtesy of Figon

Mojtaba Abdul Roda has won the PhD competition during the Figon Dutch Medicine Days in Ede. In June he won the local competition in the Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences, allowing him to compete with the winners of the other Dutch pharmaceutical research institutes. Despite a large clock counting down from 7 till 0 minutes, Mojtaba calmly explained his research performed with prof. Gert Folkerts in the Pharmacology division and partially with professor Ed Blalock of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA.

Mojtaba has studied the effect of peptide PGP on inflammatory processes in the lungs. Tissue damage leads to formation of PGP from collagen, leading to leakage of vessels walls, enabling immune cells to arrive at the scene. PGP inhibition leads to less disease symptoms. Mojtaba has shown this mechanism in vitro, in vivo and in patients with the often fatal Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

The jury appreciated the translational approach from in vitro model to patients. Furthermore, Mojtaba finished his presentation in exactly 7.00 minutes.