17 October 2018

Michel Serres and the Crises of the Contemporary

Michel Serres. Bron: Wikimedia/Ji-Elle
Michel Serres. Source: Wikimedia/Ji-Elle

Michel Serres, French philosopher and author, captures the urgencies of our time; from the digital revolution to the ecological crisis to the future of the university, the crises that code the world today are addressed in an accessible, affirmative and remarkably original analysis in his thought.

This volume, edited by Rick Dolphijn,  is the first to engage with the philosophy of Michel Serres, not by writing 'about' it, but by writing 'with' it. This is done by expanding upon the urgent themes that Serres works on; by furthering his materialism, his emphasis on communication and information, his focus on the senses, and the role of mathematics in thought. His famous concepts, such as the parasite, 'amis de viellesse', and the algorithm are applied in 21st century situations. With contributions from an international and interdisciplinary team of authors, these writings tackle the crises of today and affirm the contemporary relevance of Serres' philosophy.

Rick Dolphijn

Dr. Rick Dolphijn
Dr. Rick Dolphijn

Rick Dolphijn is Associate Professor in the Department of Media and Culture Studies, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands and a Researcher at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON). He edited (with Rosi Braidotti) This Deleuzian Century: Art, Activism, Life (2015) Philosophy after Nature, Michel Serres' Procedural Philosophy (forthcoming) and Michel Serres and the Crises of the Contemporary (Bloomsbury, 2018).