8 November 2018

Mehdi Dastani appointed as Professor of Intelligent Systems

Mehdi Dastani

As of 1 November, Mehdi Dastani has been appointed as Professor of Intelligent Systems at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences. His research focuses on formal and computational techniques in artificial intelligence. As part of his appointment, Dastani will function as programme leader of the Master’s programme Artificial Intelligence. He will also play a role in the coordination of the Bachelor’s programme Artificial Intelligence.

Dastani studied computer science and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, where he also obtained his doctorate in 1998. With his current research he focuses on theory and application of autonomous systems and multi-agent systems, an important topic in artificial intelligence where themes such as autonomy, social intelligence, and responsibility of computer systems play a central role. Dastani has obtained several grants for his research, for theoretical as well as applied research.