6 April 2018

Mathematics D Online for Havo

Mathematics D Online offers schools the opportunity to teach the optional subject Mathematics D blended. This solves a problem for schools where there is limited interest in the subject. The pupils have one contact hour a week in school. In addition they hand in homework every week that is assessed by assistants who work for the Vaksteunpunten [Subject support] of the universities taking part. The teaching materials are offered through the Open University (OU) learning platform and for VWO consist of a teaching method (largely the “Wageningse Methode”) and instructional videos, developed by Sieb Kemme.

The groundwork for Mathematics D Online was done by among others Jan van Maanen, and was later picked up by Johan Gademan, Evert de Vrie and Jos Toolboom. Since a year and a half there is a Mathematics D Online Foundation, of which Rogier Bos (Freudenthal Institute) is the secretary.

The VWO-programme can be called a success: this year the first pupils completed their school exam. Because of this success, the Foundation has decided to extend what is on offer to Havo. For that purpose the Foundation is collaborating with the Freudenthal Institute. We then involved the Life Long Learning platform. The goal is to ultimately offer Mathematics D Online Havo (and perhaps VWO also) on this UU-platform as well. We are supported in setting up this learning platform by Paul Heijnen and Annet van der Riet at EducateIT.

The project started in May of 2017 and we are currently halfway through developing a total of twelve modules. The videos are produced together with the Teaching & Learning Lab in different styles: animations, screen casts, lightboard presentations and smartboard presentations. You can get an impression on the Youtube channel. If you want to see what the OU platform looks like for a pupil, you can go to the website and register a (free) account aan.