18 December 2018

International recognition

Marcel Bouvy named Francqui Chair in Belgium

Marcel Bouvy

Marcel Bouvy, Professor of Pharmaceutical Patient Care at Utrecht University, will temporarily head the Francqui Chair at the University of Ghent, Belgium. The Francqui Chair is an initiative by the eponymous foundation for promoting the development of education and research in Belgium.

Organising education

Each year, the Francqui Foundation awards two chairs to each university in Belgium. The foundation then appoints a professor from Belgium or abroad to organise the chair’s educational activities. The universities can choose the subject for the chairs themselves, and in Bouvy’s case, the subject is the same as his field of research at Utrecht University: Pharmaceutical Patient Care.

Inaugural lecture

Bouvy will begin his temporary chair position with an inaugural lecture on 12 February 2019. The title of the lecture will be: Pills Without a Care; the Art of Pharmaceutical Use. This is the same lecture he gave at his inaugural address in 2010. He will then give 10 lectures that build on his Master’s courses in Utrecht. Prof. Bouvy will also regularly teach classes for post-graduates. These lectures are an addition to the University of Ghent’s standard curriculum.

About Marcel Bouvy

In addition to his professorship, Bouvy also works as a researcher at the SIR Institute for Pharmacy Practice and Policy, and he is a practicing pharmacist at Apotheek Stevenshof in Leiden.