Make even more of your work open access available

Use the Taverne amendment

Open access publishing is a spearhead of Utrecht University. Research should be available to other researchers as widely as possible, but also available to society. By publishing your work open access, a broader audience can have access to your research. Your work will have more outreach and as a result your results will generate more impact.

There are several possibilities to publish open access directly. But what are your options if it cannot be done? For instance, if your budget is not sufficient enough to pay the publishing costs, or if you are publishing a chapter in an edited volume? In that case, the Taverne Amendment may come to the rescue.

Taverne Amendment

Included in the Dutch copyright act, we find Article 25fa, also known as the Taverne Amendment, named after Joost Taverne, a former Member of Parliament. Under this article,  researchers can make the published version of their scientific publications open access available after a reasonable period of time following the first publication. Dutch universities have agreed that a six-month period is reasonable. This also applies if the publisher stipulates a longer embargo period.

Under the amendment it is possible to make short scientific work already published by you (articles and chapters) open access available. So especially also work you have published in traditional subscription-based journals. The university library is happy to help you further and can include your publications, registered in Pure, in the Utrecht University Repository.

In this video, prof. Marc Bonten, prof. Els Rose and dr. Friedemann Polzin tell you why open access publishing is important and why they recommend using the Taverne Amendment.

More information

Read more about the amendment here and register. 

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