Major biotech boost for real-time measurements of biological pathways

Protein kinases modulate most biological pathways and play central roles in a variety of diseases. Real-time measurement of  kinase activities provides crucial fingerprints of the signaling network in human tissues. The lab of professor Maarten Altelaar invented a technology that provides direct insights into the activities of hundreds of protein kinases simultaneously inside the cells of diseased tissues. The technology, called QuantaKinome™ is a potential gamechanger for real-time kinase measurements. Pepscope, a Dutch biotechnology company based in Nijmegen with research laboratories in Utrecht University, has closed a 4.3-million-euro funding round to further develop the technology in collaboration with the Altelaar lab. The investor team is composed by KIKK Capital, Oost NL and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

Taking QuantaKinome™ to the market is a crucial step forward to see patients benefit from our inventions

QuantaKinome™ is the first technology to provide direct insights into the activities of hundreds of protein kinases simultaneously inside the cells of diseased tissues. The technology has been invented by the group of Maarten Altelaar, professor in Pharmaceutical Proteomics at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Utrecht University. Pepscope and Altelaar’s research group collaborate to further develop innovative technologies for kinase profiling.

Pepscope offers QuantaKinome™ to the pharmaceutical industry and academic researchers to improve the discovery and development of novel kinase inhibitors and other therapeutic compounds, to find new applications of existing compounds, and in due course to select optimal therapies for individual patients.

Anna Ressa, CEO & co-founder of Pepscope, comments: “With this investment, Pepscope is fully equipped to expand our business globally and work on novel solutions for drug development with pharmaceutical partners. Our collaboration with the group of Maarten Altelaar is strategically important to stay at the forefront of this exciting field.”

“I’m very excited that this investment allows Pepscope to take QuantaKinome™ to the market”, says Professor Altelaar, who is also scientific advisor of Pepscope, “As scientists, our ultimate goal is to see patients benefit from our inventions, for which this is a crucial step forward.”


About Pepscope

Pepscope B.V. is an innovative biotech company based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, with R&D laboratories in Utrecht. The company develops and markets kinase and protein activity profiling technologies to the pharmaceutical industry and academic research groups. The Pepscope team is made up of experts in the field of kinase biology, mass spectrometry, and phosphoproteomics, and has extensive, multi-year expertise in the kinome profiling field. For more information:

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Anna Ressa, CEO
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High-throughput assessment of kinome-wide activation states. Thierry Schmidlin*, Donna O. Debets*, Charlotte A.G.H. van Gelder*, Kelly E. Stecker*, Stamatia Rontogianni*, Bart L. van den Eshof, Kristel Kemper, Esther H. Lips, Maartje van den Biggelaar, Daniel S. Peeper, Albert J.R. Heck* and Maarten Altelaar*. Cell Systems, 11 september 2019 DOI: 10.1016/j.cels.2019.08.005

* authors affiliated with Utrecht University