14 July 2015

Majid Hassanizadeh receives Royal Honour

Prof.dr.ir. Majid Hassanizadeh krijgt het lintje uitgereikt van burgemeester Arjen Gerritsen

Prof. Dr. Ir. Majid Hassanizadeh of Utrecht University has been awarded a royal honor for his insight and dedication in the broad application of his knowledge of hydrogeology.

Liquids that flow through porous materials have special physical properties, and you'll find them almost everywhere: in the ground, in diapers, and in your body. All materials share a scientific basis, but there are few scientists who know how to apply the theoretical knowledge in practice. Prof. Dr. Ir. Hassanizadeh has an extensive understanding of the behavior of how fluids flow in porous materials. For more than ten years he has been a professor of Environmental Hydrogeology at the Faculty of Geosciences, and is considered a leading expert in his field worldwide. He has made an enormous contribution to the development of research, education and society. On 13 July 2015 he received a medal from Mayor Arjen Gerritsen of De Bilt for his tireless efforts.

In 2005 Hassanizadeh moved to Utrecht with his entire research group. In Utrecht he was able to find the space he was looking for to realise his ambitions. This resulted in the new position of Research Chair, Hydrogeology. Now, ten years later, it has grown into a comprehensive master (Hydrology) with enthusiastic students and international socially-responsible projects such as Interpore. Hassanizadeh has almost two hundred scientific publications to his name, and has been cited more than 3,500 times.

On behalf of the University of Utrecht, in particular the Faculty of Geosciences, we wholeheartedly congratulate Prof. Dr. Hassanizadeh for this special award.

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