31 January 2020

Maintenance work University Library City Centre

In 2020 maintenance work will be ongoing in order to make the city centre library buildings more sustainable. In addition to repairs on the outer walls, new window frames will be fitted with insulating panes.

In February and March there will be work on coffee bar Lodewijk, the dining room, the attic of the chapel and the study rooms on the Drift side of the building. Outside work is being done on the front and rear facades of the buildings on the Drift.

Of course, we aim to minimise any inconvenience to visitors:

  • Work that is accompanied by noise will be carried out in the mornings (until 12 midday) as much as possible.
  • When planning the work, exam weeks are taken into account.

Please pay attention to information on location.

Some conference rooms or study spots may not be accessible; this will be announced by means of signs. If possible, alternative rooms will be made available.

More information

If you have any questions or complaints please go to the service desks or mail us at library@uu.nl.